Miramar is much more than gastronomy: it is the environment, the sea, the wind, history, memory, tradition, family… a unique place in the world, which has followed its path, resilient, since 1939.

Llançà is a small fishing village of the Mar d’Amunt, located in Alt Empordà., Girona. A border territory, shares sea and mountains with Occitanie (Catalunya Nord), in France.

It is a place of mixture and encounter, where people coming from different parts meet in its coves, mountains and trails. The Serra de l’Albera and the Serra de Rodes embrace the village on both sides, with historic monasteries such as Sant Quirze de Colera and Sant Pere de Rodes, with different mountains and churches that offer beautiful views at their reach, such as Sant Miquel de Colera, Puig d’Esquers or Sant Silvestre de Valleta.

Many people arrived in Llançà at the end of the Spanish Civil War, the paths of exile that reached France passed through there. One of them was Julia and Ildefonso, Montse’s grandparents and founders of the Miramar in 1939. Along the coast, from Llançà and through Colera, Portbou, Cerbère, Banyuls-sur-Mer, Port-Vendres, Colliure and Argelès-sur-Mer, there are historical sites that honor the people who lost their lives on that road to freedom.

The Mar d’Amunt is a land of history, the genesis of which lies in the arrival of the Greeks on its shores, around the 5th century BC. What we now call Empúries and the port of Roses were the entrance to the peninsula of the Greco-Roman culture, which has so much influenced our way of being. They introduced the viticultural culture to these lands and with their knowledge of the territory and the climate, they developed a tradition of growing vines and making wine, which has survived to this day.

The Designation of Origin Empordà is one of the wine regions that is growing the most, with unique and quality wines, recovering ancestral varieties. Its proximity to the sea and its Mediterranean climate give it a special personality. Many of these wineries are grouped in the Ruta del Vi del Empordà, and offer visits and tastings.

Whether one travels along the coast or explores the Mediterranean trails that climb the mountains of the oriental Pyrenees, the gastronomic experience offered in Miramar will be expanded and completed by the holistic experience of Mar d’Amunt.

Miramar Highlights:

The beaches… Garbet, la Farella, las Azucenas.

Nature… Natural Park of Cap de Creus and Paratge de Tudela. The Serra de l’Albera and the Serra de Rodes.

Caminos de Ronda… Walks by the sea, along the paths that run along the Empordà coast.

Wineries… Nou Celler Perelada, Celler Hugas de Batlle, Celler Martí Faixó, Mas Estela…

Bike routes… Hundreds of cyclable kilometers in the surroundings of Llançà.

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