Chef with 5 Michelin Stars

Paco Pérez

“The being of a cook is the happiness reflected on the face of the other” Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez represents the haute cuisine of the Mar d’Amunt, a border territory of sea and mountains, which extends from Cap de Creus to Cap Cerbère. Together with Montse Serra, his wife and Maître of the restaurant, he runs what was once a restaurant with rooms that Montse’s grandparents built in this small fishing town on the Costa Brava in 1939.

This blue –this sea–
like an eye all gazed..

The hypnotic blue of the sea
raising naked
for the combat with God
of you to you.

The sea has hidden spears
prepared armies
fury of winds in the entrails.
The sea has solitudes.
The sea is, alone, in solitudes
abrupt as mountains.
Magic flock of solitudes.

Pride of the sea pride of the sun pride of the wind
pride of the prepotent organ
which just sounds different.
Pride of a man with his grief.

Palau i Fabre, Josep. (1967). Quaderns de l’Alquimista. Barcelona: Editorial Pòrtic; Col.lecció Cristalls, 7.

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The sea, in body and soul

The sea is present in body and soul in Miramar cuisine. Just arriving at the place, one perceives the saline notes that the Mediterranean offers thanks to the constant sea breeze. There, where the Pyrenees sink into the sea, there is a land of seafood cuisine.

In Miramar, raw material from the closest environment is worked, as well as from other environments in the Iberian Peninsula, always prioritizing its quality, to give value and voice to the plurality of our shared territory. As well as to the the intra-peninsular diasporas that have occurred throughout our history, which have made this place rich in mix and diversity. With Andalusian roots, Paco is very aware of that land and its culture, and in his seafood cuisine today one can feel the echoes of those origins.

With his experience as a culinary craftsman, his refined technique, his sustainable awareness, his respect for the material he works with and his highly valued collectors, what makes Paco the happiest is generating happiness for the diner who sits at his table.

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Michelin Stars

Miramar, nerve center and base port, has held two Michelin Stars since 2010. The same as Enoteca, at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona.
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