Paco Pérez - Chef Restaurant Miramar

Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez represents Alt Empordà Haute Cuisine, from la mar d’amunt as he prefers to define the Girona region where he has grown up.
Everything begins and happens in Llançà, where with his wife Montse Serra, they manages what once upon a time was a lodging house Montse’s parents built in this little fishermen’s village from Costa Brava, by horse between Barcelona and France.
The sea is the main character
Miramar kitchen enhances in each plate through a depurated technique, the virtues of a sublime product and where the sea is the main character.
Today Miramar represents the evolution of avant-garde cuisine, focusing in the product and the sustainability, generating an experience who primary search for the guest happiness.
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Michelin Stars

He is the Catalan chef with more Michelin Stars: five.
Miramar, its neuralgic center and the base port, has two. The same amount Enoteca has, in ARTS Barcelona Hotel. And in Berlin, he manages Cinco restaurant in Das Stue Hotel, with one star.
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