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In Miramar you can adapt your experience to make it the best gift for your beloved ones or for yourself. You can choose between these next proposals and you will receive a gift card with a personalized code, which will be valid for one year.
To use the gift you have to contact us by phone or by email and say you have a gift card, so we’ll ask you the gift code to book (if the availability allows it).
Notice: The exchange is only done by email or by phone.
If you don’t reach the answer you were looking for, you can email us: info@restaurantmiramar.com
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Gift Cards

For 2 people: 420€ *

A sensory journey through the gastronomic imaginary of chef Paco Pérez. A unique experience, constantly evolving.

For 2 people: 340€ *

A tour of Miramar’s seasonal menu, synthesizing tradition and avant-garde, in a day and night version.

The most sublime experience in Miramar. Enjoy the tasting menu while staying in one of the suites, with sea views.

The ideal experience for those who are halfway between tradition and avant-garde. Includes accommodation in one of the suites, with views.

Taxes included

* Beverages are not included