2020 A la Carte Menu

Our history

Nardin anchovies… tomatoes, piparras and onion petals  —  36,00€

Pure Iberian ham… by Arturo Sánchez  —  48,00€

Market garden, sea & forest 2020 - Autumn

Wild tuna from fish hook…sea urchin, caviar and truffledegg yolk  —  55,00€

Lobster… penny buns, corals, chili-lob, herbs butter  —  58,00€

Sea cucumbers…its silky sauce, tear green peas, jowl, melanosporum truffle and Iberian roast —  68,00€

Octopus…on a “huitlacoche sea”, “mole” and black trumpets —  55,00€

Grilled glass eels… civet like hollandaise sauce, nests and fairy ring mushrooms —  95,00€

Our rice

Sticky rice…in sea and mountain, octopus, green peas, sea urchins and melanosporum truffle —  58,00€

The sea & its guests

Alfonsino… in a “marine minestrone”, goose barnacles, razor clams, cockles and caviar —  57,00€

Sole…winter butter, “amontillado”, mushrooms, pistachio, grapes and squid —  65,00€

From the woods, the mountain

Pigeon… winter stew, wings and thighs —  53,00€

Wagyu beef origin Kawoshima..in two services —  90,00€
– Tartar, caviar, egg yolk and brioche
– Grill, its truffled juice, Capmany turnip and forest caviar

Our classics

Clams… gelée rom its water, lime, soy and ginger (year 1994) —  70,00€

Oysters and caviar tartar… with apple air (year 2000)  —  55,00€

Pork trotters with sea cucumbers, mushrooms and fresh herbs (year 1992)  —  53,00€

Bread service: 7€
The shared courses are plus: 6€
TAX included