2023 A la Carte Menu

Our history

Nardin anchovies… tomatoes, piparras and onion petals – 36€

Pure Iberian ham… by Arturo Sánchez – 48€

Market garden, sea and forest... Spring 23...

Tuna Game, Sea Grey, Tomato Nuances, Almonds, Codium… – 65€

Like a summer salad, Brown Crab – 55€

Red Prawns in Red Curry and Dumplings from Duroc Ribs – 62€

Naked Sea Cucumber, its Silky Sauce, Blossomed Artichokes and Beef Tendons – 70€

Our rice

23 Summer Rice, Lobster, Baby Squid, Sea Cucumber… – 65€

The sea & its guests

Sea Bass, two Marine Silky Sauces, Mini Leeks, Shells and Marine Romesco Sauce – 62€

John Dory, in a Red Prawns Curry, Coconut and Basil leaves – 58€

From the woods, the mountain

Madured Pigeon, its Juice Maccheroni, Meatballs, Hazelnut and Truffle Miso – 56€

Kagoshima Wagyu Beef on a green Sea and Pistachio, Caviar and Summer Truffle – 90€

Our classics

Clams, Gelée from its water, Lime, Soy and Ginger (year 1994) – 70€

Oysters and Caviar tartar with Apple Air (year 2000) – 60€

Pork Trotters with Sea Cucumbers, Mushrooms and fresh Herbs (year 1992) – 53€

The shared courses are plus 8€
Bread Service 10€

TAX included