2022 A la Carte Menu

Our history

Nardin anchovies… tomatoes, piparras and onion petals – 36,00€

Pure Iberian ham… by Arturo Sánchez – 48,00€

Market garden, sea and forest... Autumn 2022...

Tuna vs. Albacore… Garum from its roes, caviar, almonds, tomato and “escabeche” – 62,00€

Chestnut Cream, Red Pine Mushrooms, Shrimps, with Sweet Potato and Garum – 55,00€

Diversity with Squid and seasonal Ceps (Boletus edulis) – 58,00€

Naked sea cucumber into a marine “crumbs” – 62,00€

Lobster in an Autumn Forest – 75,00€

Our rice

Creamy with Ou de reig (Amanita caesarea), its marinade, crayfish and autumn nuances – 58,00€

The sea & its guests

Sea bass in its silky, with saffron and nuances of the sea – 65,00€

John Dory… in a red prawns curry, coconut and basil leaves – 58,00€

From the woods, the mountain

Pigeon, hazelnut-truffle miso, Warhol’s, puff-pastry and scallops – 54,00€

Like some Benedict… Kagoshima Origin Wagyu Tartare, its juice, caviar, yolk and spinach – 90,00€

Our classics

Clams… gelée from its water, lime, soy and ginger (year 1994) – 70,00€

Oysters and caviar tartar… with apple air (year 2000) – 60,00€

Pork trotters with sea cucumbers, mushrooms and fresh herbs (year 1992) – 53,00€

The shared courses are plus 6€
Bread Service 10€

TAX included